That’s right, the home offices of BPC are relocating to Cincinnati, OH! Looking forward to the move but we have hit a few snags. The first being our mascot Sparky.

Sparky is an 11-year-old pitbull mix (mixed with what I have no idea…) who has been a member of the family way back in the early days of the BPC. He’s been a loyal friend and protector for many happy years. Lately, he’s been starting to sleep more, like old dogs do. It’s been freaking me out.

So last night imagine my horror to see my aged dog limping about for no real reason. I did what any pet owner in the information age did; I hopped onto Google.  The internet’s most comprehensive search engine did what it always does. Try to guess what I want to type getting everything very wrong.  Dejected, feeling the net, the most reliable source of information (read: HA!) had let me down, I went to bed.
I awoke the next day, with the unease and panic I would assume my father had when one of our clan had a bum knee or a bruise we couldn’t explain.  Unlike my formative years, we now have a wealth of information at our fingertips.  I began my search anew after observing Sparky’s walking patterns during our morning walk.  His limping was only occasional and he even put some weight on it during some of the more…pressing matters…diagnosis? Sprained ankle.

I began my search anew, finding some good information on (Finally!  Maybe there’s something to this whole internet thing…) and a quick call to my local vet had confirmed that Sparky had somehow sprained his ankle.  Instead of medication, the vet recommended plenty of rest and an icepack on the afflicted ankle.  Sparky, named more after the high amount of energy he still has, is in total opposition of that plan.  That and he absolutely hates cold feet (you should see the way reacts to the snow after walking for a while) so the ice pack is an unwelcome part of the plan.

Oh and this is four days before the move.

To be continued…

David Amorando is the creator of the hit webcomic Lightning Man.  Stick with us for part two of the Relocation adventure!