It’s no secert I love my home town of Bridgeport. It’s part of what inspired the locations in Lightning Man’s home town of Mineport. It’s been a city that both makes me both proud and ashamed to be it’s resident.  I was born here.  I’ve lived my whole life here.  I thought I would die here.  (came close a few times.  More on that later…)


It’s a train ride to The Big Apple, a place where the Greatest Show on Earth got it’s start, and even a punchline for Stewie Griffin.  With all these great accolades, why does one eventually leave Bridgeport?  Well, if I can be honest, Bridgeport can get very, VERY stale after a while.  Like a comfortable pair of shoes, eventually you have to leave them behind.


When people ask “Why Cincinnati?  What’s so great about Cincinnati?” I never seem to give them the answer I want.   Usually it’s “Oh my family is out there.” or “Needed a change of pace.”  What I’d like to say is “Have been there?  Who wouldn’t want to live out there?”


Granted, my family being out there is a HUGE factor.  Yes.  I’m a momma’s boy.  No shame in that.


But my first real experience with the Queen City as it’s called was back WAY BACK in 2002.  I had visited my cousin after she had moved down there.  It was a completely different experience than Bridgeport.  It was intoxicating.  I wanted to  but had no resources to do so.  Then a in 2008 I got a job at the bookstore in my building.  At this point the jobs I’ve had were all paid a wage that was for lack of a better term , Crap.  When I got the bookstore job, the pay wasn’t that great but it did help me get out of a little debt here and there.  More importantly, I could get to Cincinnati.


When I was there, we went everywhere.  The downtown area with it’s skyscrapers and history, a massive library with tons of art on display, we even went to the zoo.  I know “Zoo” doesn’t scream plus, but when you live in a city where the tag line for the zoo is “HEY WE HAVE TIGERS!”  you’d put The Cincinnati Zoo in the “For” column.


The same year I was retooling Lightning Man, writing script after script, page after page.  It was good, but missing something.  On the drive back to my parents house on my trip down there, we past downtown in all it’s brightly lit wonder.  It was there that it clicked.  Cincinnati would now be Mineport.  The following months I finished the screenplay to the Lightning Man movie with this beautiful city in mind.  Then I started work on comic pages for the site you see now, and the rest is history.


To say the decision to move out to a land that I had little experience with was easy would be a lie.  I knew more about my beloved Bridgeport.  Walked her streets, got to know where the best spots to eat were, which libraries had the best DVDs and books to borrow.  Which streets never to go down under any circumstances.  Where the best shopping was.  Plus I still had family in Bridgeport.  My brother and his wife, and my sister.  It’s tough leaving behind people, especially people you care about.


Opprotunity had knocked really hard on my door.  The timing was right.  All the pieces were in place.  I just couldn’t resist.  I’ll always love Bridgeport, and miss the people both in and around who helped me become the man I am to day.  I will miss each one of you.  But, it’s time to move on.  To kick those beat up shoes to the curb.


I can’t wait for Sunday!


David Amorando is the creator of the hit webcomic Lightning Man.  Stick with us for part three the Relocation adventure!