Our Cast of Characters

Robert Chance/Lightning Man(24)

Given great power from a bolt of lightning, Rob uses his gifts to protect his home city of Mineport. He is currently married to his high school sweetheart and love of his life, Jennifer Conners-Chance.

Jennifer Conners-Chance (24)

Heiress and last known reletive of the founders of Mineport, Jen funds Rob’s fight against the evil forces of Mineport. An active participant in Mineport poltics, Jen investigates where Lightning Man can’t.

Patrick Kelley (24)

A gifted electronics engineer and computer whiz-kid, Patrick provides surveillance and techincal support for Lightning Man. He has occasionally stepped up to the plate and fought along side the Electric Avenger. He is currently married to Desiree Knight-Kelley.

Desiree Knight-Kelley (24)

Detective for the Mineport Police department. Keeps Patrick and Rob up to date with investigations. Currently has no partner on the force.

Matt Chance (41)

Rob’s father and Sr. Detective for the Mineport Police Department. He is usually assigned cases the department claim to be “paranormal” due to his interaction with Lightning Man in the past. He may or may not know about his son’s secret.

Chrisy(19) and Collin(21) McKaye

Criminals currently at large. Chrisy is a tiger-woman, though, as with most people in Mineport, there’s more to her than meets the eye. Her brother Collin is the brains of the operation and a skilled safe cracker.

Alec Rolins (54)

An industrialist with political aspirations, Alec is currently running for Mayor of Mineport, in honor of his friend Councilman Dawkins who committed suicide. Alec is currently running on the platform of banning Lightning Man and all costumed vigilantes. Rob doesn’t like that.

Our Beloved Crew

David Amorando (28)

David has been drawing comics since the first grade. His fascination with superheroes is almost as big as his fascination of refering to himself in the third person.